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What it’s about: Young, adventurous Fia is struggling with the loss of her mother and the estrangement of her father. One day, while visiting the foothills of Mount Xanderia with her horse, Ayoni, she encounters a mystical figure who offers her hope and opens her eyes to a magical new reality.

Cover art by Blue Egg Adventures by Hannah Muldery

What others say about Denica’s writing:

“Denica writes with words that fall fast but linger long… like the raindrops of a downpour striking a window pane. Her words weave together into stories that swell the heart and may just make you sob helplessly. Or dance.” -Gen Gavel, fiction writer and editor

“…a magician with words! So magical… yet so real.” -Hope Jordan, Artist


websitefrontpagepicWelcome adventurers and dreamers! I’m Denica, and I’m so glad you’re here! I write lyrical young adult fantasy with generational themes. My characters often grapple with love, loss, and the injustices of their worlds while learning to embrace who they are in the context of relationships. I love to travel and I’ve been told I’m an old soul. I believe that stories have great power to connect and heal. You can read a little more of my story by visiting my About Page.


My projects include a dystopian fantasy duology, Marked and Crowned (working titles), and a YA fantasy that has series potential, which is in the editing stage.

The duology: a dystopian society with a medieval-type setting—full of forest adventures, rebels, friendship, romance, and elusive royalty.

Current work in progress: An adventurous girl with a pegasus who seeks to move on from the pain of her mother’s death is forced to confront the history of her world and discover her place in it. Themes include family, the role of magic, and racial tension.

I’m also featured in an anthology composed by author Anne J. Hill, What Darkness Fears.

You can find out more about my projects here.

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