Shattered Reflections

Beauty from the Broken

IMG_2961Denica McCall grew up in Western Washington and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. Some of her passions include traveling, caring for children, and helping other artists succeed.  Her fiction writing and blog seek to lead readers into encounters with God and bring a greater awareness of how the spiritual realm affects ours. She attended the School of Prophetic Arts in Kirkland, WA for two years, studying creative writing, drama, and dance. Denica believes that stories have the power bring hope and healing to readers. Denica has written four novels and is working towards publishing her two-book young adult fantasy series. Her poetry book, Flowers in the Darkness, was published in June 2015. Denica has also written movie reviews for, has offered content writing services to business owners, and occasionally writes short stories as well.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Laurie Bachand says:

    Thank you for your book Flowers in the Darkness. I just picked it up today in a small book cafe in Ballard. It’s been an interesting season in faith and God has been moving in some powerful and intentional ways in my life. Your poems speak so well to a lot of these moments. I write poetry too and would love to connect with you and share in a mutual interest.

    Here is one of my own pieces:

    In the Mirror
    Looming shadows of the subconscious cast a dull and steady ache. A mind consumed by the memories dancing in the depths. The light flickers and fades. Bending beneath the weight of strained expectations, weariness encumbering what once was strong. She can not loner hold on. Falling from grasp the splintering cracks sheer through the guise of an unfamiliar reflection; sending glinting shards of past and present cutting deep as the future ensues. What is left in the shattered disarray? Hope. The vision no longer held in the confines of human existence the glow illuminates the shimmering fragments as memories morph into dreams. Cut from within the ties that betide are severed. Embracing the evanescence, the beauty of transformation, movement and dancing enliven the dampened spirit. Hope is alive, liberation sings, as she smiles from the inside out.

    1. denicamc says:

      Hi Laurie!
      Thank you so much for your message! I’m so glad you are enjoying the book. You write beautifully as well. Perhaps we could connect. Feel free to contact me as well on my facebook page, “Denica McCall, Writer”

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