Denica McCall

Fantasy Writer — Bringing light to hidden worlds

headshotbandwWelcome to my website, where you can enjoy all things fantastical as well as get a little glimpse into my inner world and my journey as a writer.

I grew up in Western Washington but currently make my home in Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve always been a dreamer and have carried a deep love for stories and people. As a child, I immersed myself in imaginary play and often searched for the most creative ways to complete my school assignments. I picked up J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring when I was thirteen and was instantly swept into a world I somehow knew I belonged in. The Lord of the Rings series, along with other similar literary works, have had a profound impact on my life and my eventual decision to start writing fiction.

I believe that stories have the power to heal. When a reader finds themselves relating to a character, they often end up taking a similar inward journey themselves. I know it’s happened to me. I write to discover truth, find meaning in my own experiences, and offer readers hope that they’re not alone and that in the end, darkness doesn’t get the final say.

In addition to writing, I have enjoyed working with children for over eight years, both as a nanny and in various volunteer positions. In fact, a few of my character names and ideas originate from the little people I care for, and I hope that one day, perhaps when they grow up, they will realize and delight in the knowledge they had a small part in the forming of my stories.

I love to travel the world whenever I get the chance and draw much inspiration from my adventures. The idea for my YA fantasy, Marked, was sparked after attending the Re:write Ragged Edge writer’s conference in February 2015, where one of the authors discussed identity and the power of our beliefs. It had a profound impact on me and ignited the spark needed to begin Marked and its sequel, Crowned.

Marked is the beginning of my completed duology that I hope will find its publishing home soon. It’s a meeting of a dystopian society with a medieval-type setting—full of forest adventures, rebels, friendship, and elusive royalty. Follow me here and on Instagram @denicamc, for connection, inspiration, and updates!

One thought on “About Me

  1. denicamc says:

    Hi Laurie!
    Thank you so much for your message! I’m so glad you are enjoying the book. You write beautifully as well. Perhaps we could connect. Feel free to contact me as well on my facebook page, “Denica McCall, Writer”

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