The Culprit

Racing, racing

I’m competing against time even though

Clocks never challenged me to a duel

I never watched watches, not until

My head clicked, clicked away from


It was held, this mind, like

An eye in its hollow

Covered, like dew in a meadow

But I went blind and thought

I could see right until my lines

Went blurry and then I had to hurry


I can’t catch up, the seconds tock by

And I’m nothing but flailing limbs and

Failed tries

A human with a mask

What is it? they ask

What makes these sinews dance?


Am I without romance



Just a lonely mass of heart and bone and


Who told you I was anyone?


Take a breath

Time’s going somewhere, but

It won’t reach its end before I’ve begun

Growing, growing

Pushing, reaching


Here now, encompassed in love now

Your beating pulse like a compass, pointing


Because it’s true

Time’s not the culprit, it’s you

Fear, it’s you

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