Your Life Inside

Transformation and regeneration run to my mind
Freedom they bring, and restoration, removing the blocks of time
I’ve tried to make a name, I’ve tried to gain you fame
But I’ve forgotten that your very blood surges through my veins
And I’m alive in this saturation of your name
That burrows inside and boils every lie down to its frame
Exposing them for opposing the truest part of my nature

Destruction and redirection, your hands probe my heart like medicine
Darkness and hardness, removed like microscopic metallic objects
Pulled by the force of a magnet
Because the magnetism of your love cannot be resisted

My mind has insisted that I have earned this shame,
That I’ll always play this doubting game and these walls will always keep me from your way,
But you are the compulsion that cannot be denied
For when you died and came back to life, these chains subsided
And I began to walk as a new creation
My destination became your heart—
The origin where my own rhythm starts
And the home I will be returning to

My spirit is burning, yearning to touch you
And yet I’ve misplaced the truth that you’re inside
That you reside in my nucleus, you are the crux of my existence
So God, when I meet you with resistance, remove the insubstantial substance
Of the lies that separate me from your sustenance
For your reality is far more than mere legality,
It is the very vitality of life
And when I abide in your vine, nothing can stop the overgrowth
From wrapping around those I encounter and bringing knees to your throne,
Hearts that need to know their value will find it in the midst of your hurt
By your willing wounds we are alive and possess infinite worth

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