A Gem

I see


An image of your hand as each finger curls around what sits in your palm

Covering what it seems is a gem, a precious belonging that must be guarded

Beyond any question

Because there is no doubt in your eyes when you look past the rust and wear

That a beautiful thing sits there

A thing of value beyond its shield

Something that, underneath, shines not because it made itself

But because it was made


And now


I don’t have to be afraid

Because what you’ve made is only good, and I

I am an object of your affection that shines in the light of day when

Your fingers open

And reveal the hidden beauty that you embedded deep inside of who I am

Under the skin and under the layers of pain and grime

And shame that once tried to define my game

But this life is not a game we play, trying to earn the care we crave

And cover up what we feel is wrong


I hear


You’re singing this song and forming this new bond between your heart and mine

Where the organ that pumps blood through my veins is opening up

Like a flower searching for your name

And now all I want to do is walk out this faith that awakes

As I remember how you pulled me out of what was fake

And took all my mistakes

And covered them so that when you open your fingers to reveal the gem

It radiates love instead of what I told myself I was




I’m in this place where your face is becoming clear

And I can hear


And I see that, truly, when you look at me you see beauty and purity

And not my stains

I am blameless

And my heart sings and longs to connect and express

This thankfulness that wants to burst from my chest

Because, Father, you’re good and you’re giving me rest

Fighting on my side in test after test

And I’m abiding in this place

Where the truest actuality is your face

And I am walking in a new vitality


A gem


In your hands is where I’ll stay

Trusting you both when you cover me

And when you open to reveal the stunning stone

Erected in the center of your heart

To show the world around that you only make brilliant works of art


One thought on “A Gem

  1. Denica this is beautiful, a true soul has faults and scars. We are all imperfect, in a loveable kind of way. I see you shining there and will enjoy watching you grow, live, learn and love more about life.

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