Jesus-an Encounter

I see him walking towards me. Well, really, only his feet, for my eyes are downcast. But I know who he is. Will he approve of me? I wonder. Will he validate all my hard work, make it all worth it? Will he scorn me for my weakness, my lack of discipline, my selfishness?

He must know that all I want is him.

“Child, look up.” I hear his soft voice, devoid of hesitation, empty of anger. I look up into his eyes. They are soft, made so by his smile. But they are strong, I can tell. The color around his pupils swirls, beckoning me to…to what, exactly?

I’ve heard of this man before. All my life, actually. Talk of him has filled my days and my dreams, and yet for all the talk I never anticipated this moment. When he would come to me and embrace me with his gaze.

Tears slip down my cheeks, and I am unashamed, for my heart tells me this man could never disapprove of me.

“Daughter,” he whispers and takes my hand. I feel his breath on the back of it as he lifts it and lays a gentle kiss on it. I shrivel up inside, but then almost immediately my lungs swell with air so sweet I am overcome in ecstasy.

I am loved.

He pulls me in, folds me into his garments. I am covered, and I know in this place nothing and no one can get to me, ever again.

I am safe.

His scent is strong and sweet, refreshing. I breathe freely as my face is buried in his chest.

“My yoke is easy,” he says. And it’s all I need to know to go on.

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