The Lie

You’re love is so good that it is true

Because what else could make me feel this way?

Who gets to live in the reality that they are unalterably loved?

Affection that trumps my striving for perfection

You take the law that I never measure up to and fulfill it

So that now I am blameless forever

You can’t put something on me that has no basis

Shame only exists as the enemy’s formless weapon

It has no substance

All feelings of unworthiness are a lie

All thoughts that I’m not good enough have no rock to stand upon

But I have a rock that is my base and I can’t be moved when I stand on its face

This good news is true every day, never changing but only growing more real in my heart

I can’t ever be apart from this goodness and this joy unless I choose to put a barrier in between

But how can lies have substance?

We build imaginary worlds in our mind that define the way we live

And yet we might as well be in the Matrix

Because it’s just not real

What’s real is what you did and what you said that it means

Dying to take our place, only your truth remains

Why would we discount your claims when you gave your life?

How could we invalidate your blood

When you poured it out so we could have life?

You came to destroy the lie

So every time we live under it we deny your action that changed everything

Let your truth rock us, God, because once our minds are changed there will be no fear

There will be no restraints and what is imaginary will fade

Because it was never really there in the first place

Let nothing separate us from your face

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