To Not Know

Lost at sea, it seemswon'tleave

Yet I can’t be,

Because how can I be lost when you’re beside me?

I know where I came from and not all the reasons why

I don’t know where I’m going, although my heart used to tell me to fly

But by and by and through and through, all I’ve ever wanted was you

I’ve heard that “why” is the wrong question

So is there a conjecture I should be throwing?

Because all this not knowing can sometimes give my mind a workout

Imaginations playing out every scenario like it was true

But I don’t know—and that’s what I’ve got to come to terms with

The less I know the better off I am

As long as I can accept your plan

You’re always after the heart—from the very start that’s what you’ve chased

Even if my whole past was erased, like it never existed

If I’ve gained your love, that is fire to my persistence

To move on and take hold of what you have designed for me

This life of freedom to set even more free

Sometimes I don’t even know what’s true

Nothing except that you love me and I’m in your view

People could undo me and misconstrue me and I don’t have to blink

Because who I am is never what they think

Who is man when God says I’m enough?

What are mortal thoughts when you speak with infinity in mind?

I’m so blind


This disease never ceased, even when I first claimed to know you

This darkness is the sea that I wade through

But it’s really okay, because you won’t leave me here

You won’t leave me chained to my fear

You won’t let the tears run forever, because you’re my Father and I’m your daughter

And if that’s all I know on this side of eternity

I’ll be okay, because I don’t need a flurry of activity

To know I’m in your perfect will

What a thrill to face uncertainty, where I only have one choice that will retain my sanity—

To take your hand and find my place in your heart

I just have to take that step before the pieces fall apart

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