I speak until the reverberations reach every cell

And sink deeper, permeating molecules at the core of their origin—

Know your Father today

My body responds, my spirit swells

Because it has become aware of its existence which is founded by your breath

So breathe the words even as I speak them

So they fall into my lungs and then explode

Running along every nerve, awakening to destiny

Life to my mortal body as promised by your word

A response of surrender to the words

Know your Father

I say it slow so the truth has time to travel

And transport my heart to the reality it was designed for from the start

Come awake, oh soul, it’s time to comprehend his heart

knowyourfather.blogRomans 8:11 NIV

“And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you.”

Words are powerful weapons. This is not cliché, because it’s so much truer than we often recognize. Words create. Literally. The Creator spoke words and matter formed out of nothing. If he has this power, and he has not only made us in his likeness but has now given us his Spirit to live inside of us, what is stopping us from wielding that same power?

Think about it.

Now apply it. You might just be astounded.

The other day I was spending time connecting with God and remembering my true identity in him, and these words came to my lips: “Know your Father.” So I spoke them over myself—over my body, my mind, my soul and my spirit. Over every part of me that may not have been in alignment or agreement with the truth and therefore at peace. I believe that something began to shift when I spoke this. It was as if Christ’s very Spirit inside me was telling my being to know her Father, and it did something. I could feel it.

Jesus promised to give life to our mortal bodies—not just our hearts or our eternal spirits, but our mortal bodies. Because he knew that in this life we would need it. How awesome is this: we get to experience supernatural life in our currently mortal bodies. Did Jesus ever say we would experience limitations in this life? Hmm. And yet we act as if we must wait until we die and enter the eternal realm in order to cast off the restraints.

There is nothing, nothing that has the power to keep us from doing or being anything in this life. Easier said than applied, I know. Trust me, I know. But the journey is to believe this. To believe in our status as sons and daughters of this Father who raised his son’s mortal body from the grave, on the same Earth that we all still live in today.

Words have power. I challenge you to put them to the test. Write, speak, sing, dance to your favorite lyrics. This is art—creativity born out of words. Words even create pictures. Every image in a picture must be identified by a word or described by a group of words to have any meaning.

So create. Sometimes creating is simply speaking the truth and letting the words transform your mortal body or your finite mind. You are creating a space for yourself to enter into the awareness of the reality that is greater than your former limits.

Let go of limits today, and allow your entire being to encounter your Father. He is so, so pleased and thrilled to witness you discovering your true self and create beautiful things out of that place.

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