Fell Apart

I don’t know where I fell apart

Maybe it’s just that my heart has always been in a thousand pieces

Fed a thousand lies by its enemy from infancy

A battle I was born into and couldn’t escape but for the haven of your grace

I think identity has been the great war of the ages

And all the violence that rages among men is only a reflection of the assault on who we are

This lie that we are far from grace, that we won’t measure up unless we put on a face

That we’re not good enough so we have to fight for our right to parade in this masquerade


See, I have to tell my heart it is loved

I have to proclaim that despite the shattering of my mind

The one whose fame extends beyond the borders of time won this war before I understood what it was all for

We’ve bought into this propaganda that we must fight to gain our place

When surrender is the veranda we must enter in order to let freedom reign

No, I don’t know where I fell apart, because this campaign reaches beyond time’s mark

But before my birth my heart was marked by a love

That covers these stains, that drowns my pain

That took upon itself all the blame that makes me broken


Our Father has spoken, beloved

Let us cease this fight and embrace surrender

Under the waves of his grace but trampling the mountains of fabrication

Oh, I have gone astray, but it’s forever I can rise above this fray

What is dull and gray will find color as I capitulate

Let it come, let it come and instigate a sweet investigation

Of a heart splintered by an enemy who never had a right to claim

The identity of a people for whom our Savior received the shame

Children, we can’t always comprehend his ways, but we know that love has wrestled our case

We are whole, we are well, we are immune to the casting of blame


We fell apart before the world was made

But only in the mind of an enemy who could do nothing but hate

Remember, remember, my soul, that you’re the object of your Father’s affection

And no thought or action can shift his direction

Come away, come away with him and recall the truth written on his face

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