Here we are, God

Fragile creatures filled with power that our frames aren’t built to hold

Known and loved, tiny hearts on a tiny planet

Just wanting to dream and live, because our creation from the start

Was linked to your heart

Art poured from your lips until the melody wrapped up empty space and made


From nothing, then from dust, you breathed your image into our names

Sons and daughters of the King of the universe,

Nothing is the same in your eternal embrace

Music igniting our limbs, swirling within until we remember who first spoke into our souls

There is nothing like this privilege

And whatever weight we’ve received as a result of your claim

Dissolves once we drown in love

In the whispers floating down from above,

Encasing our hearts in the truth they’ve searched for from the very start

In the beginning

You made


In the beginning

We live


Because it’s as if every wrong path we ever took

Was removed from your storybook

So we dance in this endless origination

There will never be an end to your creation

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