Holding Me Close

Here, I’m standing in the midst of the majesty of the King of my heart

He holds my head close to his chest so I can feel again

Letting go of all imaginations, I hear my heart beat within

The hands of my King, they block out all the voices telling me I can’t sing

All the words that say I’m lost or unworthy, he covers them with calloused palms

And all I hear now are songs

Their melodies sweeping through my frame and telling me what it was like when I was made

That creation waited with bated breath for the revealing of my soul

Deliverance was set before I ever fell

Before I ever went searching for something fulfilling

When I wouldn’t believe that he loved me

But now that I’m finally beginning to see, beginning to know

I let him hold me here until all the show is gone

Until every pain fades

And every doubt meets demise

My King’s eyes are the only things that comprise my identity

And I am free…I am free for eternity


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