First Steps

We count on a lot of different things to save us in this life. A new job, a change of scenery, a relationship, a vacation, more money. But this morning as I read Mathew 7:24-27 I was reminded of the futility of relying on such things. Because, see, anything other than Jesus that we build upon is like sand, unstable and unable to hold together when the winds come swooshing through our unprepared minds and hearts.

It only takes one small thought , like: If I can just make more money or do what I love to do, things will be so much better. Or: Once I move, everything will change. We don’t always realize that these thoughts are convincing us that these anticipated changes are what will rescue us. That they are what will bring transformation and hope. But even if these are good things, our eyes are still in the wrong place if it is they we look forward to.

Jesus certainly uses things like job changes and moving and relationships to do amazing things in our lives, but if we’re not building upon him, relying on our relational connection with him as we go through the changes, we will only be pummeled by the waves. Expectations shatter. Hopes go down the drain.

And all because we were looking at the wrong thing, if even for just a moment.

Our hope must be placed on the rock, Jesus. He will get us through the change. He will use the transition times in our lives to make things better. He is the one who will hold our hope.

See, I think I had this idea that if I let go of my comfort, my former home, and even a lot of my stuff, and stepped out, that I would immediately be met with joy and faith and courage as some kind of reward for leaving behind what I once let define me or have a hold on me. The problem is, it was not only things in the past or what I left behind in Washington that had a hold on me, it was also ideas I had about the future. About my new life here in Kansas City. Not that I can’t have hopes. But I can’t build my house, can’t build my life, upon the assumption that everything will fall into my lap the moment I arrive.

But the one thing I can count one: The stability of Jesus, and the knowledge that he is not leading me astray. He’s in front of me, and all I need to do is be here with him.

May this lesson be the beginning of my journey here.

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