13436073_10157686395680377_54811148_nI take a step and a rumble invades my chest—

It tells me of mountains I cannot see but their majesty connects

Unfolding in the recesses of my heart, where whispers from the Creator

Contrast with shouts from the same Maker

Mountains shake and tremble at his breath, but he knows each atom and its destination

Just the same as every fiber in this instrument pushing blood through my system


If the God who moves mountains cannot know my heart

Why did he ever make me?

This is the power of the Artist—

A collision of love where strength meets whispers

A hand upon my face, the very hand that has held the stars in their place

A tear I feel upon his, from the very eyes that imagined this all into existence

I stand upon the ground that he made as he stands upon all my thoughts

And brings everything into perspective

I don’t exist without his breath

I have nowhere to stand without his genius

And this is my Father, who knows me through and through

How could anything in my life escape his view?

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