New World

Walk next to me in this world that draws my heart


I’m like a boat waiting in the dock

Waiting to be given a destination

In so many ways I already know what it looks like

But I’m waiting for the route, seeking you out

Since at times you’re the only one who doesn’t doubt its existence


There’s a world I can’t explain hidden just beyond the sighted plane

And most would blame it on an overactive brain

Most would label it fantasy

Oh, but it’s real

Just as love and beauty and comfort exist,

This world calls to the truth in my chest


I taste it in the moments when I choose to linger

And take a step over this oh-so-thin layer of reality

That separates what I see from what I could be experiencing

I sense it in the fog

I hear it in the silence of the stars that dot the night

I feel it when a friend reveals that this is not my lone plight


Walk next to me as I learn to fight

To fight this fear that keeps me here

And to wade through the doubt that shouts louder than the whispers

Murmuring potential adventures to my spirit

Walk me into your Light so I can enter into this world

That so easily eludes those whose minds have been so sharpened

That the truth hidden in wonder dulls in comparison to reason


I don’t care that it doesn’t make sense

Or if I sound like a lunatic

I can’t deny the call that draws all the passion in my chest

And sets me on this elusory quest14483569_10158175446545377_2088554446_n

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