Through Darkness

Fingers slip between mine; they are rough and worn, scarred and torn

But I cannot see

For they begin to pull and lead me through a dark unknown


This territory is grooved and winding, like the lines on this hand

But I know this touch, I do; I know the promise of this hold, and that’s what will bring me through

This vast unknown, this pock-marked road


Love directs me in the darkness;

I want to get to the light, I want to see what’s beyond,

But I won’t; it’s not time

I must navigate this way, I must dive into its pain


A gnarled branch scratches my arm and makes it bleed

I cry out for the wound,

But the hand pulls and guides me deeper


My breath comes so thick I’m no longer aware of my feet’s movement

The pain is too great, I fear what comes next…


But then, I feel the skin against my hand once more; it takes me by surprise,

For somehow all this time has passed and I forgot the sensation of this close contact,

As if it has slipped from existence


Oh, but he’s still here

I begin to sense healing in my chest, and it spreads

I’m still in darkness, but I’m open; I let loose the tears that were never shed

And I find this presence that understands

So tender, so close,

And finally, a whisper in my ear, so near that I can feel its breath


Dear child, I’ve never left

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