Poetry, it pulls on my spirit limbs

Mystifying the natural and calling the child to wide open

This plain becomes hills, rolling away

Horizons stretch and dip this flesh in magic

Awaken, awaken to the song whistling through the ranges

Away, away out there, far but oh so near

Let the enchantment turn your ear

Fly, your arms out wide as you breathe a truth so deep

It hurts

It burns when you see you were meant for this reality

Smile when it draws you, whirl in the stardust

A dot amidst galaxies, but you are seen

A daughter in a field of daises, you project the lovely

Son beneath the moon, you are a rhyme

Entwined with the divine

Take the fantastic as a sign

Poetry, it lifts you out of boxes, tears away facades and

Dances with your soul

Fly with me into this marathon story

Your life and mine,

Knit like a lesson to teach death how to cheat

Don’t worry this feat, don’t fret let it meet

Your deepest ache

The years, the mistakes, the dust over your face

Your chest that is marred by scar after scar

Let the wind soothe your bones

And this magic fill your holes

Poetry, it is kind

It lifts and it binds spirits to life,

Carries over waves

Disappointment braves

You’re not at the end of the frayed line

Never lost in the brine

You’re a ship floating north and a drafter building home

Each place that you leave, closer

Closer to providence

Your heart like a seer, push through the mist

It cannot enclose an opened fist

So let’s go and bow down, let’s go

And be found

Poetry, it unlocks your truth

The truth of your birth and how life triumphs loss

So let dreams turn your path into legend

And soar on wings above mirrors

See the mountains and trees and flowers and waters

As backdrops to your glory

Children born for a father’s love, glide in his approval

You are worth it, you are his, you are mine

We are one

And even if your tears wet your ears, even if you’re voice is shattered and

Unraveled by your fears,

We’ll make mosaics together

Poetry is whether or not we’re broken

Poetry is healing and loving in motion

So dance with me to redemption’s ballad

We will ride this road hand in hand and

As family,

As poems making symphonies

As descendants of freedom

Inaugurating a kingdom of woven stories

Let go. Just be.

This is poetry


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