The Separation of Time

If time is all that separates, then my feet pass over

Your dreams

Paved pathways in the present were naught but dirt until a thought turned

Them into streets

And we think in tenses, but

History speaks, subtly leaving its marks like a ghost that haunts our lives

Waking each moment, breathing its mysteries into wandering souls

Maybe, just maybe those who listen close enough will hear

Its calls

Warning, urging, exhorting working hands to pay attention,

For time is merely a dance that will end one day

And as twilight fades into night, we sway

To the tune of a million hearts that beat on this dear land

We are closer than we’ll ever know,

Occupying the same space, our steps marked by the same grace, our

Tears making the same stains

We are people wishing in the moonlight for time

To go slowly, rendering sadness immobile and building houses around us

Of good tidings

For maybe in the future, our hearts will have left their

Footprints, beating their tunes against the dark, ushering light

With each sunrise, until time

Loses its hold, and we all find each other

At home


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