Rest comes to me in the form of delight dissolving into my memory

Drowning out every other form of consciousness so the lies give into their barrenness

And fear does not exist

Your smile becomes mine as I’m mesmerized by love

I always thought it came from up above but it’s inside, transforming my mind




I receive it as I lay here on your chest, breathing in and out

Forgetting my perceptions of what it seems to be about

Because you invade and annihilate my clouds of doubt

Misbelief is revealed for what it is and the only real thing is that you live

Around and inside of me, breathing delight into me

A father, a friend, a lover whose love has no end

Not even a conception of what it means to fail, you pursue and engage my spirit

Until all my enemies hear it and bail

Sometimes all I can do is smile, laugh in your imminent presence

Because it makes me so happy, it changes everything

And I’ve melted into a string of incoherent words just trying to express the fullness of my spirit

When it yearns and is met ever so faithfully by your touch every time I ask

And even sometimes when I don’t, because you’ve got me in this boat

And it rocks and sways and gets hit by the waves every day, threatened to fall over

Almost about to sink, but then you sing over me and the truth wins out

And I know again what life is about

My heart awakens in the light of your favor

Your mercy and supernatural grace that defies the logic of this place

And this is where I want to live out my days

In this place where age fades away and enemies retreat

As you come to me daily and rewash my feet

Calling me blameless, my heart becoming shameless

The light of your face, my reality

The joy in your heart, directing my steps out of fragility and into a beautiful destiny

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