I believe this phenomenon we call life can really be summed up as a journey of discovery. We each have one life to live, and as we go through our days and grow and learn, we discover many things. It could be equated to the unfolding of a flower or the unveiling of a beautiful bride’s face on her wedding day. I think the more we embrace truth the more veils get stripped away and we can see all the clearer.

All of us are on a journey of discovering our value, our worth to the world. Why else would we wake up each morning and do what we do? We want to find some meaning in it, some purpose to live for.

We want to know we make a difference.

Why do we love stories about heroes? For that matter, why is there always, generally, a hero in every story? And more importantly, perhaps, why are the stories that speak most to our hearts about characters who have nothing, are nothing at first but then are chosen to complete a critical task or mission, or are the ones who find the love they so desire?

We are weak. All of us. Even the most beautiful, talented, intelligent people have their flaws, like pesky ticks that to themselves are more like gaping wounds. Because isn’t it true that we are the hardest on ourselves? Even what some people may see as loveable or endearing in us we criticize and fret over. We just can never be good enough.

So these stories give us hope, because if little Frodo Baggins can be completely taken out of his context and what is expected of him and literally save the whole world, what is stopping us from doing the same?

Value. When we discover our value we have a reason to breathe, and that is life. Every day we are discovering more about our worth, or if we aren’t, we are putting ourselves down and doing the world a disservice. I want to value people more, and to do this I must first see my own value. I must learn to receive the truth that both God and other people speak into me. While it is true that I will never be good enough, I am good enough. Because God says I’m blameless in his sight. He doesn’t see my sins or weaknesses when he looks at me. No—he sees something I can’t even imagine because it’s that glorious!

I want to be the person who draws the value out of everyone I meet—who sees not only their potential but their present greatness. I want to be that one who helps him or her get one step closer to freedom in their discovery process—to help them pull one more petal open, to help heal one more scar or disprove one more lie.

What if we lived like this? What if we saw the truth about who we are and who those around us are?

What if we really saw through our Creator’s eyes?

What then?  

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