There is a Life

There is a life tempting and seemingly teasing me

To find in its gushing streams an infinite destiny

It winks at me and dares me to believe things that my mind can’t grasp

Challenges my heart to let down its walls and barriers

Beckons my art to let go of its expectations and limitations


There is this life that smiles and draws me in

Telling me that it’s more real than anything I’ve dreamed or done thus far

That it’s more abundant than the most exciting adventure I’ve conjured up in my imagination

Because there is a God who takes my fragile anticipation

And blows my mind, blasts my heart, awakens my lungs to breathe breath that isn’t of this Earth


There is a God, the Initiator, the Author, the Originator of this life

Who has a face, who has a voice

Who winks, who calls me by name and goads me to believe in things I can’t see

Urges me to defy every lie that tries to define me

The words and assailments so easy to receive

But this God exhorts me to step beyond the seen

To pull my eyes from their darkened world and thrust them into

What at the time looks like a void

But is the very place I find what I’m searching for


But I’m in a war

Always was

Born into the fray, my heart has waited for the day

To be unchained, unlocked, unrestrained

To embrace this life that tempts me to leave behind

The ways of thought I used to think was real life


But I am meant for more

And I cannot retreat anymore

I cannot hold back when this God is asking me to jump on his track

If I jump I might fall,

If I jump there might be pain

But my God did the same

And this life that he gained and gave possesses no regret

Is emancipated from every form of shame


What will I gain if I stay where I’m at

What is there to feel if I remain in comfort?


There is a life tempting me

Calling me

Urging me

To believe

Where the encounter far outweighs the cost

This is what I want

This is why my heart sends blood through my veins, and I’ll embrace it, or I’m lost

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