The Beauty in Us All

People are so special to God. And He sees the beauty, always.

Which is incredible.

See, it’s so easy to see the ugly, the scars, the brokenness and the mistakes in ourselves and in others. But God ONLY sees the beauty. He sees what is hardest for us to see. His eyes break beyond the outer shell and see us NOW as his intended work of art.

People tend to cover themselves in their wounds, or cover their wounds in a false self. Either way, they don’t show who they really are; they don’t believe in their own beauty and definitely don’t dare to unveil it to the world. But that is what God wants! And when it happens, those are the moments we hold onto, that carry the most meaning for us. An unadulterated laugh. An unhindered whisper of affection. A genuine hug. An open conversation that makes us feel like we’re finally home.

When the walls come down, beauty is revealed for what it is, and it’s glorious.

This is our reality—beyond the veil. See, we are created for another realm. Spiritual beings to the core. But when we forget or deny it, we live a life of shadows and can only see the ugliness. The hopelessness.

My cry is that we see beauty for what it is—that the simple things are really the profound, life-changing realities. When we can see the value God places on each life, all of our investments and sacrifices become worth it. To invest in another human being has eternal significance, no matter how insignificant the investment or the person may seem at the time.

No one is insignificant in the grander scheme of things.

When you don’t feel like you’re investing anything of worth into this world, think again. The very fact that you have that thought, that worry, says that you are making a worthy investment. Keep going. Don’t give up in the midst of the things that seem small.

Sometimes God takes the most delight in the smallest of acts. He sees, He knows, even when no one else does.

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