Sometimes we just need to worship in the waiting. Sometimes that’s all we need. To adore our God and to believe, in confident joy, that He has mind-blowing plans that will put ours to shame.

Life is made up of a lot of waiting. We’re always in search of the next thing, planning, hoping for something better around the next bend. But do we ever stop living? Are these moments of waiting pointless?

I don’t think so.

I think we become in the waiting. I think we discover in the waiting. I think we need to be willing to wait so we don’t get so caught up in the events of life that we forget who we are. I think, as United Pursuit Band has put so well, we need to “take a moment to remember who God is and who I am.” This is when he lifts our burdens. Because we don’t have to do anything to be someone.

We are.

And we matter.

Each one of us.

No exclusions.

We make such a chore out of finding our purpose. But perhaps if we learn to be more patient with life’s process, we will hear the whispers. As we are still and at peace, we will feel our Creator’s love. And this love will reveal in us what was always there.

And then, what we do will naturally unfold out of this confident standing, this firm knowing of our truest identity.

We are His.

We are not lost.

We are chosen.

Our lives have been ransomed, redeemed for a purpose.

God doesn’t call us to strive; He merely wants to reveal. So we must be willing to wait and listen. To be okay with not seeing what’s around the corner but remain confident that it will be good, that His plans really are better, that His heart really is bigger than all our worries.

Like a child, let us take his hand and just follow. Sometimes He lingers and we don’t know why. But there is joy in this lingering. He is drawing us into His heart, waiting patiently as he knocks and beckons us to come closer so we know more of who we are.

And then, the possibilities are endless———————————

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