Common Joy

I will admit—I do not watch football. I tend to be more interested in spending a free Sunday afternoon creating art and crafting worlds than cheering on my city’s team. As much as I feel like a traitor at times, I do see what these victories are doing to my city, and there’s this hope in me that maybe this extends beyond just football. That there is something deeper taking place. So as a poet, this is my exploration of what my city is experiencing. Humor me, if you will.

My city is ecstatic

I’m proud to be here, proud to be a part

And yet I sit here in the quiet trying to create great art

The happiness is tangible when I go outside

People smile who used to pass me by

And I’m glad

Maybe they’ll open up, I think

Maybe God’s love can get through because this isn’t something we’re used to

Maybe temporary celebration will turn into permanent joy

And this unity we feel will last

What does it take to cultivate hearts that intertwine?

Will reaching out a hand to a brother I don’t understand

Breach the divide?

Seattle is often painted with blank faces

Avoiding eyes that seek to notice

But when a common joy breaks through the invisible lines

We look and see that who we thought we were is not really our identification

But who we travel the road with is what brings us into maturation

We are not alone

I hope every soul in this city can feel this bridge

It goes deeper than a game won or one life lived and extends into the desires

Found in our souls

So may grace find its way into a city reignited with hope

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