The walls around my heart are crumbling in the light of this initiation

Into a place where all I see is your face


There is a different sort of wall around this space

And it separates me from that location where I misplaced my identity,

Finding false varieties inside of things that were never meant to define me

This new wall encloses me in your love so that what wanted to label me

Can’t gain a hold

And I can finally behold your grace without distraction taking its place

You’ve concealed me from what once gave me worth

And now I finally know why you call our walk with you a rebirth

I thought I held firm before, I thought I had trust

But when good things turned to rust and changes came

I realized I didn’t really believe the truth

That I am yours and I am loved

So those walls that have been keeping my heart from fully experiencing you

Are coming down

Those walls that kept me in fear, hiding from others

Because I would never be good enough for them

Are being detonated

Because when I can see how you’ve renovated my soul with your blood

And you view me in light of the Son

I can look at another person and remain undone

Because I’m not hoping for their stamp of approval

In this removal from the things that kept me safe

I’ve finally found my place

And it’s not so much a location as it is a deep knowing

That I’ll always be yours

And I’ll always be the target of your adoration

You don’t condemn me for not staying in one place or knowing my ranksunset-hair

You walk beside me wherever I am, and as I become

I embrace every person that passes my way

Not holding onto their affection as if it were my life

But showing them the truth, that your love never dies

And we will only be found when we’re finally lost in your eyes

One thought on “Walls

  1. BecStorm

    So beautiful! 🙂 This really explains the journey that I have to take time and time again in remembering who I am

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