Little Worlds

I’m sitting in a room full of people

Each one, lost

A room full of little worlds that mean the world

And who have come at great cost

Just to know that the dreams they dream are worth something

That there are other worlds out there beyond their own minds

And souls who suffer equally

We hardly dare to believe

Yet we are here

Choosing for a moment to step beyond our fear

So we can hear

The truth that awakens our hearts again

It only takes one small admission to make a beating heart

Touch another

And with this small confession we find ourselves in possession

Of another story

A separate tale of woe and joy that somehow streams into our own river

And makes us wonder

Where were you all this time?

Because I feel I’ve been blind

And I think I’ve been lied to

I wasn’t

I’m not

I will never be

The only one

And if that little voice tells me again that is my reality

I’ll just pull you over and let you tell them that lie is behind me

See, I’m free

Because I’ve pulled off the veil

I jerked it off my head when I received the truth

Sitting in this room

Full of little worlds

Many stories, but all one

Because when we come undone we see

When we embrace exposure we know

That putting on a show and being a pretender

Will never replace the sweet candor of surrender

So let me tell you, friend

Let me look in your eyes, even from across these miles

And say

Your story matters

Because you’re not alone in a broken picturephoto-1433650552684-d4004a945d6c

You’re not a conjecture waiting for an answer

You’re already seen, you’re already heard

All you have to do is relinquish your heart of the propaganda

And reduce your barricade to ashes

As you stand and take off your darkened glasses

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