Uncharted Waters: Leaving What’s Comfortable to Embrace Adventure


Jesus is quite the radical guy, if you haven’t noticed. As I’ve been reading the gospels lately, I’ve been seeing these stories in ways I haven’t really before. This time I’m trying to actually imagine Jesus saying those words and telling those parables packed with meaning, and heck—walking on those stormy waters. Because it’s nothing less than an epic tale, full of incredible imagery and implication when you take the time to dive into its depths.

And the best part about this wild story? It’s true.

It’s not only true, but in the gospels Jesus is constantly offering His followers the opportunity to partake in this radical new way of life. This life where you literally have to leave everything behind that once gave you security and that you once loved. I can just see throughout His teachings and parables the sparkle in His eyes, inviting people to jump in and experience freedom like they never have before.

Because our freedom is not about feeling secure or okay or holding onto things we think will make us happy or trying to keep all the rules so we won’t slip. Freedom is more about letting go and not looking back.

Freedom is about embracing the unpredictable.

I am at an interesting place in my life—a place where I could easily let panic slip into my mind and take over. Where I could throw in the towel and lose it. I don’t know what’s next. I’m taking one day at a time, but tomorrow my life could look completely different than it does now. I am being forced to thrust myself on the grace of Jesus. And if I don’t walk with Him, I’ll break down. Dramatic, maybe. But as humans we are so afraid of change and the unknown that if we’re not careful, we could let these things completely overwhelm our lives.

But I’m believing God has a greater plan, I just can’t see it yet. All previous safety nets have been obliterated and not only that, the path ahead is dark. The only thing I can do is trust Jesus and keep looking at Him.

You see, if we resist change and unexpected circumstances, then we’ll allow stress and worry to control our lives, and that is not freedom. The answer is not to avoid uncomfortable places. The answer is to accept that at times we’re going to enter them, and to be okay with it.

This is why we have Jesus and His promise to never leave us or forsake us. Because He knows stormy winds are inevitably going to blow into our lives, but He’s always there offering His hand out and daring us to join Him on the waves instead of cower under their force. Oftentimes when the unexpected hits our lives, it is an invitation to something greater, something we could have never planned for ourselves without His intervention.

If something unexpected invades your comfortable life, perhaps you are meant to look at things from a new angle. Perhaps you know less than you think you do. Let your mind change for a chance at a freedom you’ve never known. You think you’re free now? Just wait.

When we are hit with the unexpected, life instantly becomes unpredictable. As humans, we don’t like this. We have been programmed to make plans. When we can’t make plans we feel lost.

The question is—will you be found under the waves? Or will you be found on top of them, accepting new adventures in the dark where all you know is the feeling of Jesus’ fingers intertwined with yours?

One thought on “Uncharted Waters: Leaving What’s Comfortable to Embrace Adventure

  1. BecStorm

    So wonderful, and right on time!! Seems a lot of us have been losing our safety nets lately. I’m starting to make my way back on top of the waves, great post and song! 🙂

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