Faith Again

I don’t want to think inside any more boxes

Because these limitations pull at my skin and rob me of what you’ve stirred within—

This fire I was born with that just needed recognition

I forget so often who I was made to be

But when I tap into that eternal destiny—that whisper that rushed through me before

I even had the ability to speak or think,

There is fuel on this heart again

I don’t want to color inside the lines that the world has defined as safe and right;

What world-shifter ever camped in their comfort,

And made a home in the place where only their soul could not find rest?

No—see, they gave into their restless soul because it was leading them into the unknown

A place we often loathe but where freedom awaits

And if we would just give in to the longings inside

And quit believing all these debilitating lies that

We can’t do it

It’s too big

We don’t know what we’re talking about,

Then maybe others will start believing too

When we do instead of hold back, what was black in their minds

Receives light, and the blind


I don’t want to not do something because I simply feel unqualified

Because Jesus never called the capable

He chose the dreamers and those who would merely give a “yes” to his “go”

So whatever it is I think I know or don’t know, I’m letting gophoto-1431578500526-4d9613015464

Because there is too much out there waiting for the ones who will come awake,

Take a step, defy the danger of the edge and act on faith again

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