Never Left

Like mist on a roaring night

He came in through violent cries

Soft, innocent, simple

Like a snowflake on your cheek

And yet he held Earth’s destiny in his tiny clenched fist

Bright star, dispelling hopelessness,

The promised King came forth in innocence

Peace confronted violence

And yet his love was brutal and his purpose furious

When God became one of us

Our salvation no longer a question, no longer a list

The blood of this infant would create the highway to eternal bliss

Like snow in the dead of winter making bare branches glisten

God With Us entered our broken world and made it beautiful again


So now light can shine through scars

And hope is born in the wake of tragedy

For our King was stripped of his dignity

Yet ravaged our enemy in spite of the low probability

So rest in security in the darkest of nights,

For once the key was taken that enemy lost his rights

Immanuel, the Light that shines brightest in the darkest corners,

The Peace that puts armies to flight

This is what fills our souls and inflates our lungs

For the life that he gave is the joy that we kept

Because Love faced the darkness and never left


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