Life on the Edge

It’s amazing how comfortable the edge can feel when you know who you are. When all former needs, expectations, and wounds are left behind. When you’ve instead chosen to embrace the new creation inside of you, the one that is whole and entirely secure no matter what loss once tried to take from you.

When you’ve lived for awhile, you come to realize that there aren’t very many guarantees in life. You discover that most of the paths you planned for yourself were never destined to turn out the way you imagined. I think when we realize this we have a crucial choice to make. And it’s the difference between letting the inevitable have power over us, or embracing the beauty of uncertainty with a heart that says, I’m moving forward. Despite the road blocks, the setbacks, the instability, we always have the choice to move towards freedom or steep ourselves in fear and heartache.

When you know who you are, that knowledge is solid ground for you. Ground that can withstand any storm. The only way that fissures can appear beneath your feet is if you forget. The ensuing crack that opens up becomes a representation of a perceived need that you have. Something that feels unfulfilled and requires acceptance. I think what so many of us don’t understand or see is that these fissures, these cracks, are only real in our perception.

In Christ, we are whole. In fact, his human life is sufficient proof that our hearts matter deeply. This is truth. In the person of Yeshua, we are completely accepted, and, being adopted into God’s family, we have purpose. A purpose that can only be thwarted if we don’t see properly. If we give into darkness when life throws us curveballs. If we never come up from our grief but instead marinate in it and forget who we are.

See, the truth is not striven for or earned or even fought for. Because that battle was won on the cross and through the resurrection. The truth must merely be embraced. And embracing requires surrender, but it also leads to freedom. Always. In spite of every blow, every arrow aimed at our peace, every loss.comfortontheedge

If we can begin to believe that we are whole, regardless of the open sores that our minds convince us still possess power, we can find comfort living on the edge of life. Knowing that at any moment we could teeter over into the abyss, but it’s okay, because redemption awaits. Every bad thing in this world has the potential to be redeemed. Sometimes we must simply choose to move forward, even in the dark.

Today, find comfort in remembering who you are.

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