I’m Waiting



These words I urge are impressed on your chest but you


Now, I know you grapple with consistency and

You know you don’t have to impress me but

You run when failure rises in your face

But this staring contest is not a race, not a trial to see who will fall faster

Your mistake is already buried; I’ve marked its grave

A thousand times I remind you; I’m aware of your amnesia

But child

Just come closer, because

You will hear my pulse thump thump thumping against your head

That wants to figure it all out

But in your doubt this

Vibration in my chest, it pacifies the lies

Built up in your mind as if imaginary castles can decide

Your fate

As of late, you

Have ached to leave the shore, you covet the stars which

Dot the night sky, sing in the dark, glitter like the works of art that they know they are

You have hankered to be near, you

Have nailed your fear to rotting doors, you

Have chosen that those moments will not define you forever



This whisper in your heart, see

How the trees dance my name, how

Outer space paints my fame

And not only that, but remember?

How I came?

Trampling your oppressors

By the kindness in my gaze,

Crushing soul-numbing propaganda by reaching my hand out

And touching your wounds?

My scars healed your heart

Don’t you remember, you precious piece of art?

So trust


All I want is to walk with you

Down this bruised path marked with questions, you

Don’t have to be alone

For my veins have atoned for every what-if

And I can fill your questions with grace

You’re not lost, you’ve just misplaced your hope

But condemnation will be your mudslide, and

Guilt and judgment will be your hurricane

Until you slip into my kindness and find yourself in my name

Let me show you how I

Memorize your memories, how I

Trace the lines in your face, how I strip the paint of doubt from your brow

And write new stories on your palms

I understand your qualms, I

Bear the marks of brutality in my own body, but

Redemption always sings a louder song, and

My dance is always wilder than the naysayers’ senseless swaying

And I’m always saying,

Come home, come home

I’m waiting


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