Beams of gold-flecked light sift through the trees as if through a sieve

Reflecting the hidden glow in my soul

It pulses like a heart, a candle in the dark, as I

Weave through this mysterious forest at the birth of dusk

And I’m learning how to trust, forging a way through this dirt at my feet,

Seeing how I was made from such things

But knowing eternity rushes in my veins, like

The wings overhead, how they cut through the air

How those lungs screech through the quiet, invite a sense of depth

That creates heights like the cliff before my eyes

I stop,


Take in the scene before me, no longer in my periphery

The edge, it calls to me

To leap and know I’ll make it back home, I’ll have ample time to

Explore the maze of the trees behind me, it

Blinds me, this fear, this trepidation at what I think I’ll lose

But I won’t if I just

Trust you

Another day, another page, another part of the story, I think

If I wait, maybe

Then your hand slips in, encloses mine in warmth

As branches dance in wild wind, and I face North, every nerve under my skin


Fire ignited, dashing through each limb until my heart finds its peace

On the end of your words

Your rumoring lips are my air now, and I’m off the rim of this jarring fear now,

I am free

And these trees, they wave your melody, a backdrop to my flight, my

Cave opens wide, until light displaces the fight

I was made for this beauty, to reach beyond the night

At the cusp of dusk, your presence is fresh light


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