The Father’s Son

Hope sings a song in the night like an announcement of new life

Prose flows from lips that recite the wonder of that glorious night

Bright stars declare that He is here, a joy to behold and a peace beyond compare

He is here, he is here, among us now!

Flesh and blood, yet He has come to show us the way to love

The Father’s own spirit dwells within His frame

And every time we speak His name He shatters shame

For our enemy plays a devious game, yet our Savior arrived and nothing will ever be the same

Just look up at the sky and see the signs

Of his beauty and care, His affection for all

We are enthralled by our King who came

To speak our names and remove blame with His gaze

A little baby in a manger, visited by angelic hosts on the eve of His birth

Has come to restore to humanity its worth

And with His blood annihilate all the power of the curse

So my heart sings a blissful verse

As I rehearse all He has done by coming as the Father’s Son

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